Styling: Coffee Table

Our living room ottoman has finally arrived after a 4 month wait. We ordered the West Elm x Heather Taylor Home - Isla Ottoman in Nutmeg. I'm a big fan of anything gingham and was sold on it the first time I saw it. 

As with anything new, it will take some time getting use to it. I sold our previous coffee table soon after we moved into this home so we have been without one for almost a year. 

To make it start feeling like it belongs, I'm working on curating some items to style it. Here's a few inspiration pieces I found while searching online - I hope to incorporate a few of them!

1. Tray - 

One of the first pieces to begin styling a coffee table is a tray. This will help ground the piece, add layer & offer function. With our coffee table being an upholstered ottoman a tray will be essential for utilizing it to hold drinks, candles, etc. I'm eyeing the Spinnaker Tray by Serena and Lily for several reasons - the circular shape will complement the ottoman, the ceramic will offer a nice weight, & the sky blue contrasts the warm nutmeg nicely. 

2. Organic Item -

The organic item can be a small plant, floral arrangement, shells, nuts, driftwood, etc. This will add a touch of life & soften the geometric lines. I wish our ottoman was large enough to hold this giant clam shell!

3. Books -

This one is an obvious, books always adds a nice touch to a coffee table. The book can be your current library rental, favorite magazines, photo album or a nice picture book. The goal is to have a book in place that you want to reach for, not one that sits idol. With this notion, the book(s) will be forever rotating! My husband and I honeymooned in Paris and I dream of going back again so I would love having Paris Chic to flip thru. 

4. Candle -

Another common add, a nice scented candle. This too will be an item that gets rotated out; with season changes new scents are desired. Lighting a candle in the early mornings or evenings is a great way to set the ambiance for the space. This magnolia scented one by Charleston Candle Co. is one to try.

5. Matches -

I love a good matchbox. I have a growing collection from different venues & events that I keep on display. However, I don't want to actually use those matches, so instead I love the idea of a matchbox sleeve that can be refilled. This brass clover matchbox from Matilda Goad & Co is perfect for a coffee table. It has the strike pad built in and you can even have it personalized!

6. Trinket dishes -

Old teacup saucers, ceramic dishes, handmade pottery or vintage ashtrays all make a nice addition. They continue the add layers while offering functionality. They can serve as a place to hold a beverage, your lit matches or even your earrings for when you want to lie down. I imagine this Billy Cotton Ceramic Shell Bowl being filled with my daughter's latest treasures!

7. Magnifying Glass -

One final add would be a magnifying glass. I thought this brass sea turtle was fun & playful. I don't see this being an item used a lot but there have been a couple of times my husband and I found ourselves squinting trying to read fine print. I also think my daughter would have a blast using this with some of her books!

These are a few of my recommendations to add to a coffee table - feel free to share some of yours in the comments below!

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