Kitchen Backsplash

Our mini kitchen refresh! 

The kitchen in our new home has great potential - plenty of storage, counter space and solid wood cabinets. Long term we plan to reface & paint the cabinets, install natural stone countertops, update the hinges & hardware, and modify the storage within the cabinets. However, for now, a pop of color on the backsplash, new hood, sink faucet, updated outlets & lighting will do the trick!

The before ...

The cabinets and backsplash are painted off-white and beige, which surprisingly made this space feel dark and dirty. The mosaic behind the cooktop wasn't my jam and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it from day one. This whole refresh started with me getting impatient and demoing it one day while my husband was at work. 

And just like that, it's gone! 

Before we started the backsplash tile, we replaced the hood and drywall at the cooktop. 

My husband's company does a warehouse purge a few times a year. This was leftover custom tile from a project that was going to get tossed but I quickly asked if we could take it to use for our backsplash. I love the turquoise color and thought it would be perfect to liven up the space. 

To determine the layout, I mocked up a few different options - 1/3 offset, straight stack and brick lay. 

We decided on brick lay, which was our initial thought, but it never hurts to take the time to run through your options!

Time to start tiling! 

It took use about a week total to finish up the tile. We worked on it during the evenings and finished it up over a weekend. There were some learning curves and challenges along the way. By the end of it, my husband was an expert at using the grinder to cut the smallest of pieces. 

After the tile set up for a day or two it was time to grout. I choose the color Bleached Wood, which is a neutral taupe, to keep things light. 

The final touches - new lighting and outlets. The existing lights and outlets were beige and faded, so we switched them out with new white can lights and outlets. These small details make such a difference!

The after ...

Pictures don't do this transformation justice. You have to be in the space to truly feel the change. It has made a world of a difference on my attitude towards the kitchen and inspiration to cook. 

Overall, this was a simple way to refresh the space without spending too much time or money. 
We still have our future wish list but this transformation has bought us plenty of time to dream up our long term vision for the space.

Sometimes a little splash of color is all you need!

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