Laundry Closet - Plan

Our first project on the list is the laundry closet. It's a fairly simple project we hope to knock out in a weekend - I can't go more than a couple of days without doing a load or I feel out of sorts! So before we can get started, I need to finalize the design and source materials.

I plan to incorporate this artwork my great Aunt painted in the space to add a personal touch. 

I also love the look and feel of the inspiration photo below. The light yellow walls make the space bright and fresh, while the thicker shelves with the corbel detail offer a custom look. 

Photo by: Tracey Ayton

Here is the finalized design board for the closet. 

For the walls I plan to do a light yellow and paint the shelves an accent green instead of white to tie into the artwork. The current light fixture is a bulb with a pull string - yuck. I found this yellow pull string pendent hoping it will add a little personality to the space, while offering more light. Unlike the inspiration photo, the shelves will vary in length and depth. I have a top-load washer, so the lower shelf won't be as deep as the top shelf. I found these matching corbels offered in two different sizes so they will work perfect to keep things cohesive. Since it would cost a pretty penny to find thicker wood shelves, I plan to put 3/4" boards together to create the illusion and finish the seam with birch edge banding. Since this closet is already tight for space, I would like to suspend a wooden rod to hand dry clothes. I will either mount the rod or create a pulley system - it all depends on where the light fixture sits and the clearance it allows. Once the space is set, I will organize with these rattan baskets to keep things looking tidy and functional!

Stay tuned for the reveal & feel free to ask any questions in the comments below!

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